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Secondary School, Maths transition project lessons
18 Jul
Please find attached the Secondary School, Maths transition project lessons. These have been developed by the maths transition group to build on the work completed in the transition books. Approximately 500 transition books were delivered on the 11th July to 15 Newham Secondary Schools. Thank you for your support. David Pasola Deputy Head Teacher Shaftesbury Primary School
Safeguarding update
18 Jul
DSL Network Meetings The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) role is a statutory requirement and keeping up to date with the latest information and resources is important to fulfilling the role well. It is also helpful to regularly meet with colleagues who have a similar role and responsibilities in their education establishment to share best practice and experiences. The Designated Safeguarding Lead Meetings will be held each term, with the plan that I would like schools to host these events in future as part of the development of safeguarding across Newham. If you are able to offer a room and refreshments for approximately 50 people, please let me know at cathryn.adams@newham.gov.uk Kaizen Primary School has kindly offered to host the Autumn Term DSL Network Meeting. I am currently in discussion about the date of the network meeting and will send the invitation out to all schools at the start of the Autumn Term. The Designated Safeguarding Lead Network for the Summer term met on 28th June 2018. On the hot evening that England played in the World Cup just under 50 DSLs attended from across the Borough! The presentation slides from the meeting are attached. At the network meeting we were reminded by Filiz Osman, Safeguarding and Practice Manager that if you are aware there is an Child Protection conference in the summer holidays, your attendance would be most welcomed but it is also appreciated you may not be able to attend. If that is the case please can you forward the schools views on the report indicating whether you think the Child should have a child protection plan and why. The report format for conference for all partners can be found using this link DSLs were also reminded that any referrals to triage should if at all possible be made timely before the end of term so they can contribute to any strategy meetings, assessments or planning for the child. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 The new statutory guidance KCSIE, takes effect on 3rd September. The main changes can be found in the DSL Network presentation by following the link above. A new model Child Protection Policy has been drafted and pending a couple of additions is awaiting the Newham Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB) approval. Once that is obtained it will be released for schools to use as part of updating your school policies in line with KCSIE 2018. Section 11 2017-18 Gentle Reminder! In June the request to complete the annual S11 audit/report to governors was distributed through the weekly newsletter. As you will be aware, each year the Newham Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB) requires all schools to complete the S11 audit. The format has been combined to enable the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) to complete the audit/Annual Report to Governors. A copy of the report format for completion is attached. The completed report should be presented to Governors/Trustees for approval during the Autumn Term 2018. The report is to record information from the academic year 2017-18. The deadline for the completed report is Monday 29th October 2018 with a copy emailed to earlyhelppartnershipteam@newham.gov.uk Once the reports are received these will be reviewed to consider the information, and any themes or developmental requirements for schools. A report will then be presented to the Newham Safeguarding Children Board. Section 11 Report 2016-17 Last week I presented the S11 school report for 2016-17 to the Newham Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB). Whilst most of the report was positive it did raise some questions from the board members in particular in the subject of positive handling, which based on the data provided seems very high across the Borough. I have been charged by the Board to check the data is correct and undertake a deeper analysis of that information and then re-present the report early in the Autumn term. As a result I have recently contacted all schools that recorded positive handling incidents to request further information about risk assessments, exclusion and LADO referrals. If you have received an email request from me requesting this information, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in providing the data by 20th July 2018 in order I can then undertake the analysis. Thank you in advance of your help in this. Once the NSCB has approved the report, I will ensure the key findings are published along with the action plan. Cathryn Adams, Safeguarding Development Officer for Unregulated Settings, Learning and Achievement Team
Newsletter Issue 67: 13th July 2018
13 Jul
Newsletter Issue 67: Friday 13th July 2018
English Secondary School Lessons – Women in Power Shakespeare Unit (Year 7)
12 Jul
Please find attached the Women in Power Shakespeare Unit to be delivered to Year 7 students in the first couple of weeks of September. Please do share this with HoDs and your department. This SOL is designed to introduce Year 7 students to female characters in Shakespeare’s plays and follow on from the ‘Introduction to Shakespeare’ unit primary schools delivered in Summer 2. There are also alternative writing lessons that can be used to build on the work completed during the KS2 transition lessons and project. Students will have an opportunity to study character/plot from a range of plays. The SOL has taken into consideration where the highest attaining students should be at GCSE and we have tried to root some of these skills into the lessons. The lessons are predominantly based on enhancing inference and analytical skills, however there are some opportunities for writing tasks. This is not a prescriptive plan of lessons to be taught - please use and apply strategies to whichever lessons/extracts you would like to teach. We would like the Year 7 classes to attempt at least two pieces of extended writing. It might be a good idea to use prior knowledge of female characters studied in Summer 2 to draw clear points for comparison. Many thanks to those who have contributed to the unit. If you or your colleagues have any questions, please do get in touch. Amandip Kandola a.kandola@littleilford.org English KS3 Co-ordinator
Initial Teacher Training (ITT) – Summer Recruitment Service (Dept. for Education)
12 Jul
To support you over the summer period, the DoE are offering providers and lead schools additional support through our Premier Plus Advisor service (PPAs). If you are still accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period then you should let them know by completing this form.https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/R6V0S/ PPAs provide one-to-one support for individuals interested in applying to ITT (except PE). They will use the information that you provide on the form to signpost applicants to providers and lead schools who have confirmed with the DoE that they are accepting and processing ITT applications over the summer period. This will help applicants find providers who are still recruiting more quickly. If you complete the survey but later stop recruiting to one of your courses for any reason, please let them know by emailing ITT.allocations@education.gov.uk so the information provided to candidates is as up-to-date as possible. Please also continue to refer any potential applicants to the Get into Teaching service to ensure they make the most of the PPAs. All applicants should be assessed and selected on their suitability to train to teach, and should not be rejected due to a lack of prior school experience.