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20 Feb
Positive Handling
This is a tailored course for your school team which is based on the Department of Education Guidance on the Use of Reasonable Force. It is based on an educationally accredited OFQUAL-recognised BTEC vocational qualification in Positive Handling.
21 Feb
Anxiety - Helping staff to support children with anxiety
Workshop 1 will look to understand: • Separation anxiety • Preoccupation • Anticipatory anxiety • Generalised anxiety disorder With a view to identifying the presentation of these issues in the classroom. We will also seek to explore how to work alongside parents of anxious children. Workshop 2 will look to understand how we manage this issue as staff; how we regulate anxiety ourselves; how it manifests; what it is that is uniquely stressful about working in the school setting; and the pressures on us which can lead to our own feelings of anxiety.
23 Feb
Exclusions Training: Day 2
The day will cover: What’s new? - The law and current statutory guidance about fixed term and permanent exclusions from school. Reasons for exclusion. National and local statistics. Practice and procedure - Who needs to know what, when and why. Local Authority provision of education for day 6 provision. Responsibilities for SEND, LAC and vulnerable children. Judicial review principles. Powers and processes - Avoiding legal challenges. Specific roles and exemplary practice in a DC and in an IRP meeting. Context for your decisions - School Behaviour policy, the Equalities and Human Rights Acts and related guidance to avoid permanent exclusions.