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All Move secondary schools project

Overview for schools

Mencap are enormously proud to have been named the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year. This is an incredible opportunity for us to kick-start a movement of change and take a huge step towards greater inclusion for people with a learning disability.


Our vision is to mobilise people with a learning disability, our supporters, partners and the general public so that people with a learning disability are more visible and included in their communities.


Through this partnership, we will be using sport and physical activity to bring young people of all backgrounds and abilities together. In partnership with schools across the country we will deliver All Move, an inclusive project for children with and without a learning disability, aged 11-16. The project will bring together young people of all abilities on an equal level, to learn new skills and try out different physical activities as a team.


The project will kick off in September 2019 across England and Wales, and we hope you would like to get a piece of the action!


All Move – At a glance

What is All Move: An inclusive sports challenge for young people aged 11–16 with and without learning disabilities to learn new skills and try out different physical activities as a team.


Why All Move: Mencap are the official charity partner of the Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 and our partnership is all about breaking down barriers through sport and physical activity. We know that face to face contact and working together towards a common goal promotes positive attitudes and reduces stigma.


How does it work: In recognition of the marathon, the challenge is 26 hours long – a virtual marathon! Inclusive teams decide how they want to complete the 26 hours over the school year and which sports and physical activities they will do. They will get a medal when they reach the finish line.


What support do we get: There is £3,000 funding per site (one school or a pair of schools working in partnership) and additional practical support from Mencap with project set up and delivery.


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16 Jan 2020

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